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Turtle Close Up

So far, our club has been supported internally via various Caltech resources, include the Graduate Student Council , ASCIT, and the Caltech Retreat and Event Fund.

While generous, we are limited to what we can do each year due to budgeting constraints.

With your support, we can expand our club's capabilities, including...
1. Provide transportation for student volunteers to turtle conservation sites, such as the Turtle Conservancy.
2. Expand our outreach efforts through providing educational materials.
3. Connect with local Mojave Desert Tortoise conservationists and scientists.
4. Educate our current members by bringing conservationist scientists to Caltech and offering field trips to learn about local turtles and tortises.
5. Club social events
6. Buy turtle feed for the campus turtles

If you would like to donate, please reach out to us at

Please include how we can best contact you, and any comments on how you would like to amount to be used, if desired. We, and the turtles, thank you.