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T-shirt with turtle logo
Ling Lim
Credit: Ling Lim

T-Shirt Orders for 2024 are now closed! If you ordered a shirt, we will be in contact with you for a pickup late in April!

The Caltech Turtle Club was founded in 2021 as a way to bring together the Caltech Community, united in our mutual love for the Turtle Pond. Formerly Throop Memorial Garden, the Turtle Ponds are one of the most well-known features on Caltech campus. Every day members of Caltech and the public visit this scenic spot and enjoy the turtles.

Turtle Club membership is open to anyone affiliated with Caltech or JPL. If at all interested, or to find out more information, please email with your name, Caltech/JPL association, and preferred email to be contacted at.

This club hosts most of its activities throughout spring of each year, in honor of World Turtle Day on May 23rd. Meetings are held around the Turtle Pond, and include trips to nearby turtle-affiliated locations, such as the LA Zoo. The club also is the host of the annual Caltech Turtle Pond Photo competition, where the Caltech community can submit photos and videos of the flora and fauna around the Turle Pond. For more information about the photo contest and to see past photo entries, please see our Photo Competition webpage.

This website is still being built! Please check back later to learn about the History of the Turtle Pond, read FAQs about the turtles, and more!